I was nominated for the Silver State Awards XIV “Best Real Estate Agent” for the 2nd year in a row, amongst 3 other very successful agents. This year, in 2016, to my amazement, I won! It is really one of the best feelings to be recognized and honored for your hard work and more importantly for your role in the community. It is truly a blessing to even be nominated but to actually win the award, is a whole other feeling of greatness! I really am grateful every single day that I have a business I created from the bottom up, by working non stop for 10 years, that works! Not only does it work for me, but it works for my clients and it works for the community! Its a win, win and WIN situation for everyone involved!

I always dreamt of being able to create security for myself so that I never have to rely on anyone in this life and through Real Estate I have been able to do this. At the same time, I dreamt of having the ability to make other people happy and through creating a level of success from real estate, I am able to do this. For example, I have the privilege of working with Make-A-Wish Foundation of Southern Nevada and The Animal Foundation. Through Real Estate, I am blessed with the ability to bless those through these foundations and help make a positive difference in their lives. Other than being recognized for your hard work and efforts, having the ability to give to others something they need and make them truly happy, makes me happy every single day! It is a natural high for me! I love it! I love my clients/friends/family! I love this business and I am forever grateful for all the great people in my life who make all this possible, every single day!

By doing the right thing, every single day and every second of the day. By putting out the right energy in this world. Miracles happen all the time! Success is truly being the BEST person you can be in this world and surrounded by all the right people! Having a purpose greater than just yourself. I am honored and humbled. Thank YOU! #ChangingPerceptionsofWhatisPossible
Silver State Awards XIV