I had the pleasure of recording a Podcast the other day with Luke Acree, founder of  STAY PAID – A Sales and Marketing Podcast, which you can listen to the first weekend of April.  Anyhow, they asked me a question, which I’ve heard many times from people throughout the years.  They asked me how do I differentiate myself or stand a part from my competition since in Real Estate there is a huge amount of competition.  My response to them, and everyone else has always been the same.  “I don’t have any competition.”  Plain and Simple.  I never look at anyone in my industry as competition.  I am so focused on what I am doing and being the best version of myself that what others are doing does not even phase me.  I am focused on my goals, my intentions and what I truly desire.  Success for everyone is different.  Everyone is on their own path, their own journey.  There is enough business to go around for everyone, no matter what industry.  If you learn to stay on path, aligned with your purpose, all your visions for your desired success will happen.  You will attract that and that is a fact.

So why are soo many people fixated on their competition and what they’re doing?  The answer is FEAR!  Fear of not having enough. Fear of not being enough.  Fear of not being able to do better then what you already are.  That fear based energy is blocking you from having more of the abundance that is already there for you.  Everyone has their path.  As Theodore Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of Joy.”  

You can have all the dreams and inspirations and success that you intend on and that is meant for you, so long as your taking the necessary action.  There is no need to focus on competition unless you are looking at them to INSPIRE YOU to be better!  If not, all your doing is delaying and blocking your own success.  It’s that simple.  Focus on YOU and It will come!  – Mahsheed