I have truly learned a whole lot about myself, my career and my life in the past 7 years. I have worked harder then ever in my life before, as a Realtor Here in Las Vegas.
I have truly learned a whole lot about myself, my career and my life in the past 7 years. I have worked harder then ever in my life before, as a Realtor Here in Las Vegas.

I have experienced the lows of this business and it made me view life from a whole different, non selfish perspective. The worse times of my life and my career have truly been a blessing in disguise for me. Yes its true that tough times are difficult to get through, but you can get through them. There can be a light at the end and you definitely can change your life/career around in a positive, beneficial way where you feel that finally, your dreams are coming true!

Real Estate for me has been one of the greatest experiences of my life and I am so thankful that I stuck with this business for as long as I have. I truly love what I do and all the people that I have grown to become close with. I don’t feel they are just “Clients” but more so I have gained the best relationships and friends I could ever imagine possible. I truly feel fortunate for all the great people in my life that have helped me get to where I am at today and be who I am today. I have realized that whether its with your personal relationships or with career, one thing is for sure, that the best things in life come out of giving and truly caring to help. When you can give and help so selflessly, the return truly feels amazing. We can realize and experience the greatest pleasures of life and what its really all about.

I am thankful that I have got to experience so much hardship and great things at a younger age in my life and career. I wanted to share a little story about my good friend Geoffrey and his sweet Mother, Mavis Wallace. I was fortunate enough to meet Geoffrey when he called regarding one of my properties that he wanted to lease out. From there, this man made the biggest difference in my life and apparently, I was able to do the same for him.

One day, Geoffrey told me that his Mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer and my heart dropped. All I could think about was what I could to to help her in any way that I can. I knew I could somehow make some kind of difference for her and I wanted to do something for her more then anything!!! I cant even imagine having to deal with what Mavis has to. I always think why … why does Cancer have to exist? Why do such great, good hearted people have to suffer? I just don’t get it and I hate seeing it. I have so much in my life to be thankful for and to come across such great, truly genuine people, who have to deal with so much, all I wanted to do was anything to make Mavis Happy. So I asked Geoffrey if Mavis had a BucketList wish that she would truly love to come true and would want to experience and so began my story with Geoffrey and Mavis. Please Read below …. a letter from Mavis in her own words ….You can read her story and feel the difference one simple thing made in her life.

This all couldn’t be possible without the help of some of the most amazing people in my life right now who helped as well. Id like to thank the following people and i appreciate each and every one of you so much! Shawn and Karen Nielsen, Kersi Engineer, Robert and Joanne Todd, Dan Donovan, Thomas Horton and Poonam Kapoor. You are all amazing people and I know your lives will continue to be blessed!


I want to thank you from the deepest part of my heart for making it possible for me to see my family in Japan one more time, and for the opportunity to allow my children; who have never met them, to connect and also have some real sense of their heritage.

I apologise for the delay in sending my note of gratitude. It has been an extremely difficult time. Even now, it is difficult to see through the tears.

I want to tell you a little bit of my story so that you may know what a tremendous gift it was that you gave to me…

I have always been close to my family. I tried to raise my four children with the same values. Not very long ago, the deterioration of all I value began with a vengeance. First, my husband left me (traded me in for a newer model), my mother passed away, my children all left home, another woman took advantage of my father’s situation leaving him dying in a hospital and me with over $500,000 of her debt (a whole other story), I was working three jobs and lost two of them because of the time I spent driving to another city to take care of my father so I lost my house (adding to all the other credit issues), my father passed away, I was diagnosed with cancer and the week that I got that call my sister (who lived in Japan) died of cancer. I felt so abandoned and alone. Of course, I had no insurance; I had no idea what to do. I qualified for specific cancer Medicaid (which is extremely limited) and some food stamps. I agreed to a regimen of surgery, intense chemotherapy, and radiation which was supposed to give me a 30% chance but it didn’t work. The cancer spread. So, now I was terribly sick, a failure and all alone. (my children were there, but no parent readily relies on their children for that kind of support – I knew I was not going to be here for them much longer). I was completely undone. I kept thinking of my family that I would never see again. All I wanted was to be put back together. I didn’t want to die like this.
On Valentines Day, Mahsheed gave me a gift that changed my life. It was two tickets to Japan!!! (of course I could not travel alone) The tickets were dated for my birthday. I kept staring at the paper for weeks. I couldn’t believe it was real. Then, my daughter said her husband made it possible for her to meet us in Tokyo. We all spent 8 amazing days in Japan getting to know everyone. And two of my children learned so much about me (about where I grew up) and why we are the way we are.

The week before we left for Japan, I had my last check up. I did not receive good news. I’m sorry to say that they think I have less than one year left.

I had so much trouble writing this because I would relive the painful parts over and over again. But please know that the ending is happy. All is not perfect (I don’t know that it ever is). But I don’t feel so bad about leaving now. You have done for me what I thought was never going to happen, and I know my children will be okay. I have peace.

Thank you again, from the very depths of my heart.

Plant the seeds of giving and thats when you receive.