SCROLL DOWN TO READ! – Toronto, Canada – Robin Sharma, Sir Richard Branson
The Titan Summit December 9-12, 2014
Toronto, Canada

The Titan Summit 2014 has truly been a life changing experience for me! I am extremely grateful that I took the chance and made this investment in my life to be in a room full of some of the most amazing people I have ever met before! I’ve been overwhelmed with constant information, knowledge and heart inspiring personal stories all week. I was in a room filled with people from all around the world! There were very few people from the U.S., a lot more from Canada but also from 30+ different countries as well as different Continents, such as: India, Zimbabwe, Egypt, South Africa, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Ireland, Spain, United Kingdom, Cayman Islands, Finland and much more!

This experience for me has been life changing! Before coming here, all of 2014 I knew I had to do something more. I knew I had to make a transition with my business and my life,I just didn’t know exactly what or how. Being in this room with 100+ people from around the world, I realized one common factor every single one of us had in common. It was our HEART. Everyone was there for a greater purpose. It wasn’t just about growing our business and making money. It was about being the best person we can be internally and making a difference in this world. It was about compassion and concern for one another. I was with people that share the same level of awareness who wanted to consistently grow and rise above. Everyone genuinely cared about more then just themselves. I was surrounded by billionaires, millionaires, world class icons and the one common factor everyone had was a PURE HEART! The world becomes a better place not just by the money you make but by the person that you are! By what you do with that wealth! (BTW, another common theme most every single Titan in that room had in common was that we all read books and reading Books has been life changing for everyone!)

I am sad this experience is over, however, I am excited that I now have some amazing friends from all around the world! Friends that share the same values and beliefs and have a genuine compassion for one another. Friends that realize part of success is the importance of Family! Friends that know that part of success is your health and going deep inside and taking care of your Mind, Body and Soul! Friends that realize, YES it is important to grow your own business, make money but whats more important is what you do with the wealth that you make! Friends that want to inspire and leave the world a better place then when they found it! Friends that are Iconic!

My dream of meeting Sir Richard Branson came true because of this Titan Summit and that is because of Robin Sharma! From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank YOU Robin for having a profound impact on me and my future in ways that I soooo needed all year and have been searching and searching and now I have finally gained the Clarity that I NEEDED!

I am so thankful and so very grateful for the Titan Summit 2014. I truly LOVE all my new friends!!

Meet The Titan Faculty:
Robin Sharma
Sir Richard Branson
Dr. Daniel Amen
Dr. James Rouse
Dr. John Izzo
Todd Henry
Jonathan Fields
Tom Corley
Dr. Greg Wells

Robin Sharma